This is the game that I wished Battlefield 3 would have been.

User Rating: 9 | PlanetSide 2 PC
This game is going to do to PC gaming what BF1942 did to it back in the day.

From here on out, a simple 32-64 player multiplayer is just not going to cut it. Thousands of people on a map/continent. Battles that are so huge you can't believe your computer can handle it. Epic battles in games like WoW and GW2 are nothing compared to this.

You definitely need to have a decent computer to play. Dual core procs are going to have a lot of trouble with the game but if you have a computer that is mid-grade or better you are going to be very happy with this game.

The beauty that SOE has put into this new game engine is amazing. The Dynamic Lighting and Shadows make for some of the most spectacular night fighting you have ever seen. Giant moons light the world and cast amazing shadows from terrain and vehicles flying overhead. Rockets shooting across the terrain light up the area and cast shadows that add a level of realism that few games can compare to.

Find a team to work with and the game takes on another level.

Free to play, but you can spend real cash to buy snazzy camouflage or get a gun quicker than by using experience points. Nothing is available by cash only though. Not like some other F2P games

Just try it already... Its FREE!!