This game has more Battlefield moments than all Battlefield titles combined.

User Rating: 9 | PlanetSide 2 PC
With PS2, the future of fps looks bright. This very addictive game shows what evolving technology can do for this genre. It's basically a BF3 on crack. Although the fps mechanics are not as smooth as BF3, they are still very solid and what this game makes up for it is the immense, epic scale and excellent team play. This game generates heroic, personal war stories no shooter can do atm.

Some warnings though. It's an MMO which means a lot of stuff is not in the game yet. Most notoriously a mission system that should help new players get some direction. It's also missing a lot of meta game content that allows for a more strategic game experience. These will all be added though and should not stop you from having a blast already. Just make sure you join an outfit or team up with others to get the best out of this game.

Btw: This hilarious video gives an excellent idea what it is to join a team an get thrown into the action of PS2: