A fantastic and unique shooter.

User Rating: 9 | PlanetSide 2 PS4

I tried the PC version when it came out at a friend's house (my PC couldn't handle it), was in the PS4 beta, and finally played the final console version for a few hours. All i can say is that this is my kind of shooter!

Sure it may not be as polished as some 'AAA' retail games out there, but no other shooter offers this level of freedom and scale. I'm also surprised with how well the console handles the big battles. I have experienced battles with a few hundred players on screen, and the framerate always looked to be at 30 or above. Impressive, especially considering the beta struggled with 20 or 30 players in the same area.

+ Massive scale and player count.

+ Good graphics and performance (for a game of this scale).

+ Nice gameplay and pacing (similar to Battlefield and the opposite to CoD, which is perfect to me).

+ Free to play but not pay to win.

- The menus are still slow and buggy.

- It would be nice to see the actual number of players per continent before jumping in.

- Instant action should take you to the area you are pointing at, instead of being random.

- Screen tearing and draw distance.

- It lacks content already available on PC.

All in all, i just hope that this game turns out popular on PS4. It's not for everyone, but those who like large scale shooters, and give this game a second...and third try, will love it for sure.

I would give it 7/10 if i had to pay for it. It's an easy 9/10 for it's ambition and overal quality, even for 'AAA' standards.