Horrific experience for new players

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The following review refers only to the PC version:

If you are looking at this game, thinking this may be for me I would advise you to turn around and pretend you never saw it.

The game content and trailers look amazing but as a new player you will not be experiencing any of it. You shall receive a brief tutorial against targets and then be dropped straight into the battlefield, this does not sound so bad you may think... think again. You are armed with the space age equivalent of a pea shooter against enemies who are quite literally a thousand times your level, you will fire at them and do no damage whatsoever as they kill you in one hit with vastly superior equipment.

You will spawn wander around try your best and ultimately die over and over and over again to weapons and utilities there is no possible way you could hope to afford or defeat. Even when you get in a vehicle you think you are set having seen other tanks and aircraft demolish you over and over until you realise even weaponry on vehicles is also bought over time and your cannons wont really do that much.

The game does at times play out like a chess match where your opponent starts off with double the number of pieces and you start with half. A skilled player would still be able to beat someone who had no idea what they were doing, but on a level playing field it is utterly impossible

I have given this a rating of 3/10 as a recognition that the game looks amazing for players who are actually able to do something other then die in a wide miserable variety of ways but as a new player I have not experienced this and it will likely be months of depression and anger till you can rack up the gear required to actually finally shoot at something and watch it die.

To those already in the game at level 1400 and something i say enjoy, you have found a wonderful game i wish you all the best, to new players avoid it like the plague you would be better off finding the nearest brick and slamming it into your own face for an hour.

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This review is not an accurate depiction of what happens. The stock infantry guns you start with are all on par with other unlocks which are merely side grades. Similarly, the stock vehicle weapons are all balanced weapons which can be changed for more specialized anti infantry or anti vehicle weapons, and over time the reload speed can be improved by about 15%, or you can unlock maybe an additional 15% of armor.

That being said, the new player experience is brutal, but that is almost entirely because of knowing what is going on and how the map works. If I as a 2 year veteran stumble into the wrong battle and attack, say, a large number of vehicles as a lone infantry player there is a good chance I will end up dying just as horribly as someone dropped newly into the game. The biggest difference is teamwork and knowing where and how to fight, and that really only gets better by joining squads, outfits, and using comms.

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@magikkell: HI sorry but as the new player im afraid i have to utterly disagree with you on almost all points, life and death is a game of small margins in first person shooters a 15% bonus to a character makes a huge impact to who the victor in any combat scenario will be

as evidence i got invited to the ps4 beta, where all weapons and majority of gear can be unlocked for 1 cert as opposed to 1000 certs, with the equipment i can acquire i am on a level playing field and can maintain a 1 to 1 kdr with ease as opposed to the 1 to 10 i consistently suffered against high level gear on the PC

on the other note yes squads outfits and comms would make a large difference but I and from what I've heard of other new players are less then keen to join groups as we just die endlessly with our pea shooters

to paraphrase you if i as a player of 2 weeks wander up behind a lone enemy point my gun at their head and fire for a couple of minutes they may bother to turn around to see what all the commotion was.