Not so much Pay to Win but Pay pay pay.

User Rating: 4 | PlanetSide 2 PC
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There are moments, which I have experiences, which make PS2 a really great online experience. But the game for all it tries to do is hampered by the very thing that it claims it does right, the pay to play/win system. I've never been a fan of the system, I think it ruined SWTOR completely and other games are following suite. Not because it makes it a better game but because it makes them a shit tonne of money. In this game, it is possible for you to get all items without paying a penny, true. But the process is so long and tedious that you will end up throwing money at the game out of frustration. I uninstalled it today after playing a round. It wasn't because I was being owned, or because my squad were useless .It was because they charged me 30 cert points to buy a scope for my gun. Fine ok, but EXACT same scope can not be fitted to any other class weapon. Even though the same scope is available to unlock. Meaning you will have to buy the scope 5 times to get it for all classes and at 30+ cert points a time and taking into account the slow process of getting the points, it is infuriating.

If it did allow me to port these over to other classes I wouldn't mind, honestly. But making me pay 5 times or earn it 5 times rather, is outrageous and a complete money grab. The bottom line is, if you have loads of spare money and don't care how you piss it away, then you will love this game. If however you play this because you are hard up and you were drawn to it because you wanted to play a "free" game, you will be in for some disappointment.