PS2 seems amazing at the start, but as you play more and more you notice the big problems it has

User Rating: 7 | PlanetSide 2 PC

Planetside 2 might seem like an amazing game at the start, but as you keep playing more and more, you'll notice the high amount of problems this game has.

In Planetside 2 you have three factions, the oppressive and communist like Terran Republic, the freedom fighting New Conglomerate and the Technology worshiping Vanu Sovereignty.

Each side has different weapons, one different air vehicle and one different main battle tank, rest of the vehicles are common pool shared vehicles.

Terran Republic is known for it's fast fire rate, low recoil first shot multipliers and large amounts of ammo per magazine however their weapons are a bit harder to control during medium to long range fights because of their higher fire rates.

The Terran Republic's main battle tank is the prowler, it's equipped with a dual cannon, making it the best main battle tank for anti infantry combat, it is also the fastest tank in the game and is able to anchor it self onto the ground to fire faster,reload faster and make it's explosive shells fly faster.

The Terran Republic's empire specific fighter, the mosquito is the fastest fighter in the game, has the fastest fire rate and the highest ammo count but the lowest damage

New Conglomerate is known for being the hardest hitting faction, they have the highest damage weapons but tend to have the lowest amount of ammo and slowest fire rates, their weapons have higher recoil and the fastest bullet velocity in the game.

The New Conglomerate main battle tank is the Vanguard, it is the slowest moving tank in the game but it does the highest amount of damage, has the fastest velocity on it's main cannon and can take far more abuse than any other tank, it also is able to activate a short invulnerability shield which is at the moment pretty overpowered , it allows the tank to easily turn a lost situation into an instant win during close range tank fights.

The New Conglomerate's empire specific fighter, the Reaver is the hardest hitting fighter in the game but has the slowest fire rate and lowest ammo count in it's weapons.

Vanu Sovereignty is know for being a very adaptive empire, they don't have high fire rates like the TR or the high damage like the NC but instead they have the most accurate and controllable weapons in the game.

The Vanu Sovereignty's main battle tank, the Magrider is a hover tank, it has the lowest damage per second(DPS) and slowest velocity but it is the most accurate tank and is able to strafe and climb large mountains and buildings which the other tanks cannot do, it's a tank that's made for dodging incoming enemy projectiles and flanking the enemy quickly.

The Vanu Sovereignty's empire specific fighter, the Scythe is the most accurate fighter in the game, it has the fastest velocity and the best air brakes however it is the slowest fighter in the game and does not have the higher fire rate of the Mosquito or the high damage of the Reaver instead it's damage and fire rate is between that ofr a Mosquito and Reaver.

Now that i've introduced you to the three factions, I'll just quickly describe what the objective is in Planetside 2.

In Planetside 2 you have to captures bases for your empire, the more bases you have the more resources your empire gets allowing you to spawn more vehicles and resupply your grenades,C4,tank mines etc. During the day you'll have random Alerts which pop up giving everyone the same objectives like capture X amount of Y or hold the most territory on a continent before the timer runs out. The victors get awarded with more XP and bragging rights for the win.

In Planetside 2 you can have up to 2000 players on a single continent, ATM there's 3 continents in the game so a server can have up to 6000 people fighting each other, in the future when they add more continents they'll keep increasing the maximum player cap each time by 2000.

Battles in Planetside 2 are pretty spectacular, huge tanks fights in large open fields, multiple large ships flying up in the air doing dog fights, organized outfits(Clans) working together trying to capture territory for their empire it's amazing when you see it all in motion, there's simply no other FPS Multiplayer game that can do this at the moment.

Now that I'm done explaining the basics to the people who are new or are planing to download the game, it's time to share the large amount of problems the game has, let's begin :

1 : For a game that's supposedly all about working together as a team to win, people tend to play the game as more of a large endless Team Deathmatch, only trying to get more kills and higher KDr so they can get higher levels and get more medals.

Yes, this is an issue with the playerbase however the reason this happens is because the game is lacking a reason for you to capture territory and win things for your empire, you get far more awarded if you go to a fight where you can easily get some nice kills than going to a fight where you're outnumbered and trying to defend a base that's required to win an alert.

There's a large lack of a metagame and an endgame in Planetside 2, if an empire captures a continent nothing special happens, that empire only gets a 10% discount for vehicles or equipment which makes capturing continent pretty pointless.

So after a few weeks you'll realize there's no point in Planetside 2 except to get more weapons,medals and improve your stats which is really,really sad.

The game badly needs a good metagame and endgame so Planetside 2 can finally become that nice teamwork large scale game about fighting for your empire with your friends.

2:The game has serious issues with bugs,low frame rate and constant crashes. The game just loves to crash at least 5 times a day, the frame rate can hit such low levels the game turns into a power point presentation even on a above average PC,the game is infested with bugs where your vehicles might randomly explode because you touched some rock at a bad angle or you're unable to access the map to respawn forcing you to end the game with the task manager and the list goes on.

3:The game reuses a lot of assets on different weapons, ALOT of guns in the game looks exactly the same and some even sound the same, they badly need to update these models so you can actually tell apart which gun is which without having to check a damn description.

4:The game has serious issues with lag and hitbox detection, hitboxes in Planetside 2 sometimes just stop working, you might find yourself unloading all your ammo into someone at point blank range just to find out you did 0 damage to him and you'll die a fair amount while behind cover or going around corners since the game has some issues with lag compensation.

There's one point where I was fighting an enemy tank in my magrider, the first few shots we landed on each other did no damage at all, this doesn't happen often but in the few very rare moments it will make you go nuts.

5: The game has a lot of problems with bug exploiters and hackers, the game has a sewere lack of Game Masters to keep servers in check from hackers and people who bug exploit like clipping thru a floor and killing everyone on a capture point inside a base or a hacker who flies around in a tank or as infantry and headshots you immediately if he notices you and than just teleports somewhere else, Planetside 2 needs to have it's anti-cheat improved and more game masters for each server to keep things in check so these type of people don't ruin the game for everyone.

6:The last and bigest problem, Planetside 2 has a serious issues with population balance between the three empires, on some servers some empires have almost no players and just get steam rolled over and over for months by the other two empires making it compleatlly unplayable for the players who are playing for the empire that has the lowest population on that server. This will often make you not play some days since your side might have almost no people to make fights fair.

Still i find the game far better than most Multiplayer FPS games we have today, it's better than Battlefield and it's of course far better than a COD title however as i said, the large list of big problems are keeping the game from being awesome.