Two days of hardcore playing, already seen it all, goodbye ps2

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Tis a shame this game. I played probably 15 hours over the last 2 days and realized that this truly is a f2p game. It feels cheap, like a hollow shell of a game with extremely shallow gameplay mechanics. Bio lab, ampstation or tech plant, no strategy, all zerg fest. I've seen everything the game has to offer and have literally no motivation to ever play again, there is no variation in the gameplay, it's the same thing over and over. You win if you outnumber the opponent, you lose if you are outnumbered. This game feels truly like a cash grab, a fancy template over a void of nothingness. I feel bad for all of those who spend a lot of money on this, if you are looking for depth and strategy go play a different game, this isn't what you're looking for, it's zergfest 2012. It would be easier to handle if there was a constant stream of rewards, unlocks for the plethora of guns every half an hour but you have to work for 5 hours to unlock a grip for one gun on one character, no thanks.

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Lol...  oh my - you realize it isn't possible to have 'seen it all' even if you played 24/7 since launch, right?

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how is it not? what else is there to see? I've capped nearly every single base in the game, been on the losing side and the winning side. Cont-locked every one. What else is there to do? Unlock guns that look exactly like all the other guns?
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so glad you have such an intelligent rebuttal
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Obviously you haven't played with an outfit. I run with one that has separate divisions for infantry, air, and armor and they all work together to accomplish objectives and its much more fun than you could ever have than just running around with the zerg.
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I agree with you for the most part. I mean the game is farily fun and all, but after 40 some hours of gameplay it all feels the same. At first I was ablsolutely blown away by the scale of the maps and battles, but nown I'm just used to it. The game is hardly rewarding, forcing you to play an enormous amount of time for little in return. It would be much funner if vehicles and weapons only cost half the SC as they do now, and if you got 2, 3 or 4 times for certs for playing. I might not play it again untill next week, when they have double XP again.

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I agree. I'm at battle rank 11 or 12, but only get on when I'm really bored and felt this way since 7 or 8. The large scale maps and battles were exciting but the gun play really isn't. The rewards and guns are blah and the fact that there is no permanent goal or victory means that doing the same capture or be captured routine gets old fast because it just doesn't feel very important or rewarding. I've tried several different guns through trialing and they all look the same. Not a bad game, but definitely won't hold my attention for much longer.

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Op should get a job or join the army.

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thats a shuddering thought... i said do NOT go down range!
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Yeah these are oen of the games you really need to be playing with friends, or try your best to stick with a large group.