New pc.

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Looking to purchase the parts for a new pc, but alas I'm on a budget. Can anyone recommend something On the cheap. I did find . Ay thought on what to change. Btw try budget is some what low 800 really is the most I can afford

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R u upgrading existing PC? Or r u building one?

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800 dollars you can pretty much get a new PC, if its worth it.

ivy bridge 3570k: ~230 dollars

nvidia 660 ti: ~270 dollars

i5 ivy bridge compatable motherboard: around 100-150 dollars

8 gigs ddr3 1600mhz ram, 4 sticks dual channel: around 70 dollars

700W psu: around 80 dollars

should come out to around 700-800 dollars (canadian,, not including anything else you might upgrade such as the HDD, case, etc.

i would recommend going with a sata 6gb/s capable motherboard and also picking up (or upgrading to later on) a 120g sata 3 SSD to run your OS and games on, because SSDs are simply magnificent.

also i would recommend you buy your hardware from places like newegg and tigerdirect, as they often sell the most stuff, and at the cheapest price. fast delivery, and they have good return policies too.

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Different as I'm in the UK not US, but agree go for an upper level i5, either 3550, or 3570 - not worth spending more and an i7 isn't worth it on bang for buck. 8gb ram, or 16gb - you don't need 16gb, but the price is so low, for the increase, it's probably worth it for the headroom. Don't buy an SSD - buy a hybrid drive - Seagate do a hybrid drive (there's probably others as well) - 500gb or 750gb is reasonably priced - a bit more than SATA HD, but way cheaper than SSD and the performance is significantly faster than normal HD and only marginally slower than SSD. In real world applications you notice a massive speed increase, but won't miss the extra of an SSD for a fraction of the price. I bought the 500gb version about 6 months ago and can't believe the difference. Use that as main drive for OS and games and have a separate normal HD for non-intensive applications, music, photos etc (unless you're doing a lot of work with images, in which the faster drive will be a big benefit). On the graphics card, go mid range - 7950 will probably cut it or 660 - there's nothing out there that needs even that much power, let alone anything more due to consoles throttling graphics development. Go for the best bang for buck, but aim around the £140 - £180 (probably $150 - $225 - the exchange rates don't match the cost as everything is more expensive here than the US!).