Joining Planetside 2? Then this is the ultimate thread for you!

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As you're probably aware Planetside 2 is free to play, but the learning curve is steep and unforgiving for new player who start out with bare bones equipment.

SOE recently introduced a recruitment package that eases your transition into the game with an XP boost, free weapon, and the potential for more free boosts down the road.

In addition I'm a Battle Rank 100 player who is among the Top 10 in kills on the largest server in the game. I can introduce you to the game and over voice/chat I can answer the multitude of questions you'll be facing as you enter Auraxis and even escort you around as you learn the ropes. I can give you top-tier advice for succeeding and having fun in whatever role you seek and helping you manage the almost endless options you'll face for upgrades, weapons, etc.

Here is the recruit link to register for Planetside 2 as my recruit:

Here is my game profile:!/5428010618041459297

And here's a video to get you pumped while you install:

Steam Installation Link:

You can always contact me in-game as 'Sogui' on the Mattherson server (I play Vanu Sovereignty) or by email at, and I'll be happy to answer questions. Also if you do become my recruit it's probably easiest to contact me by email so I can set aside some time to show you the game.