For the love of god watch the training videos

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I'm new to planetside, but even as a complete newbie I could tell there were a lot of people who have NO IDEA what they are doing. This mostly applies to situations that are unique to Planetside like bringing down shields and finally taking bases etc, but still the overall lack of understanding was pretty damn evident.

WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEOS it has a link to in the launcher. At least the middle ones from spawn system to base layouts. They help a lot.

The videos can be found here:

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Thank you =) i didn't even know there were tutorial vids. =) guess i need to start cracking on those vids
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Good thing you told us because the game doesn't.

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WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEOS it has a link to in the launcher.


Oh it does, that is if you pay any attention to the 4th slide of a slideshow conveying otherwise completely useless information. Hidden in plain sight.

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Yeah those videos explained a lot while keeping it simple, very good to watch.