One small step for man, an even smaller step in terms of Planet Explorers progress...

User Rating: 7 | Planet Explorers (Early Access) PC

Originally reviewed this as negative. Recently tried it again, it's come a decent way with some decent updates. Has native-controller support finally which is awesome. Game itself I'd probably give a 7/10... maybe higher once I play further into the game.

Downside still is bugged quests, as well as a bit too "hardcore". I know the devs have stated that "easy" is just for those that want a challenge... but "normal" is pretty insane at times. One thing that might help would either have people gather more Shade Weed per pull, or lower the cost of Shade Weed a bit for resurrection shots... because it takes a lot of grinding just to not fully die, which can happen fairly easily. I get the idea is that it's an alien planet with unpredictable wildlife, but there have been so many times I'll get killed 5-10 times just trying to get from one waypoint to the next, just trying to respawn and run again. I get it's not supposed to be too easy, but in a slight way it kind of reminds me a smidge of Dark Souls in that sense. :P

Fun game, but unless you really are into Dark Soul hardcore, I'd recommend when given the option putting it on easy-mode, as normal-mode is more like "hardcore" in the fact you will be pimp-slapped around the planet by various creatures just trying to get from one objective to the next... >_<

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