User Rating: 5 | Planet Coaster PC
So opon playing this game I loved it was fun and very interesting to be able to build your own amusement park, but there's a massive issue, the coaster builder is so unbelievably broken I cant physically rate this any higher. This is mainly due to the nausea and fear factors, essentially making the game very limited bc you can't make insane or even mediocre rides, even rides I made designed directly off of real life coasters, are to scary and i cant make them into reality this is extremely limiting and if anything make this system at least less judging for the things you create, I just want to make great coasters. BUT I cannot stay negative, because despite this major flaw, the game is stunning I love how it replicates a experience simular to the sims but with a amusement park, and its so fun to be able to make a tycoon of you own and you really get to make it what you want and that is a truthfully amazing thing as a gamer to be able to do that. Thats all i have to say and i hope this gets into consideration somewhere because without the flaw this is easily a 10/10