User Rating: 9.6 | Planescape: Torment PC
Let's be clear: this game has been out for years and while the graphics may not be up to par compared to today's games, it stands the test of time like other RPG masterpieces such as the early Final Fantasy games or Fallout. It is truly a work of art. As such, when I saw the game sitting in the bargain bin for ten bucks at the local store, I felt compelled to write a review, especially for those who are trying to decide which MMORPG to flush their money to. You will find no finer piece of writing in a computer game than Torment, and it truly is the story that drives this game. The characters, especially the Nameless One, your character, are so fully realized as a literary figure, you'd swear it was based on someone real, if there actually was a zombie immortal amensiac. The choice of characters that join your party rival any lineup in a Final Fantasy game: a floating wisecracking skull, a repentant succubus, a zen Klingon/Vulcan-type warrior, a disembodied animated suit of armor, a sultry if brash half demon thief, and those are just those that can join your party. The sound is a mix of haunting but memorable music, good sound effects for the fighting in the game, if you choose that route to take. But what trumps all that, is the voice-acting. Mitch Pileggi, David Keith, Sheena Easton, Dan Castellanata, John de Lancie are all top notch bringing life to the NPCs. The gameplay is where Torment shines. You have a huge amount of flexibility in how you play the game, in fact this game is only the second RPG to truly allow such flexibility, with Fallout being the first. Pump up your strength and just bludgeon your way through the game, though be warned this is probably the most difficult way to play the game. Boost your Intelligence, Charisma and Wisdom and outsmart everyone. Remember, in the Planescape universe, ideas are generally far more powerful than any spell or battle axe. I implore anyone out there who has not played this game, if you find it in a bargain bin, you will be getting more than your money's worth!