Plain Sight Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Tag an object in lighten up that has already been tagged Are You Sure Sir? It Does Mean Changing The Bulb
    Kill a jammed opponent Come Quietly or There'll Be Trouble
    Kill an opponent preparing to Meltdown Cut the Red Wire!
    Get 5 or more simultaneous attack warnings Danger, Will Robinson!
    Kill an opponent who has been repelled Easy Money
    Kill 4 opponents with a single meltdown Everybody's Dead Dave
    Travel 1000 miles in the air Falling With Style
    At maximum energy, kill a stealthed robot using a flame sword Hate Crime!
    Win a round of each gametype He's Not a Guy, He's a Machine
    Buy all 3 Mega Perks in a single round Here I Am, Brain the Size of a Planet
    Reach maximum energy and detonate without killing anyone I Did Not Murder Him!
    Capture 50 flags I Do Believe They Think I Am Some Kind of God
    Buy any Mega Perk I'm a Learning Computer
    Block a meltdown Johnny 5 is Alive!
    Catch a falling star Put it in Your Pocket
    Block 10 attacks as a Ninja in Ninja! Ninja! Botzilla! Resistance is Not Futile
    Kill an opponent with a meltdown Thankyou for Your Cooperation
    Win a round of any game mode That is The Sound of Inevitability
    Repel an attack with your own attack The Best Defense is a Good Offense
    Kill an opponent who is attacking someone else The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy
    Land the killing blow on Botzilla Who's The Real 7 Billion Ton Robot Monster Here? Not I... Not I
    Return 50 stolen flags Why Did You Have To Be So Brave?
    Tag a Lighten Up object at max energy with 5 seconds to go You Have 5 Seconds To Comply
    Capture a flag, return a Flag and kill an opponent with a meltdown all in one CTF match You're a Feisty Little One

    Contributed by: Guard Master