Great for the times and still fun today !!

User Rating: 9 | Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure GEN
If your a pitfall fan and haven't played this your missing out. To me this is the best in the series and provides hours of playability.This Side-Scrolling Platform Game starts with you and your dad in search of the lost treasure of Vaxactun. After your dad is kidnapped by a Mayan warrior you set on a journey though jungles, mines, waterfalls and tombs and more. Over 10 different levels to play and get quite challenging. Game has nice clean graphics for the genesis 8/10 and all levels are nicely done with plenty of hidden extras to find like bonus games like the lever game and including the original pitfall game for the Atari 2600. Sounds are average for this system 6/10 and don't get annoying, they fit each level perfectly. Sometimes the controls get a little annoying , but I'm sure its just me and can be changed at the intro screen. The game has great playback ability and can be play for hours and hours. Just a all around great game for the genesis and should not be missed. One of my favorites in the series and on this system.