Not a good game, period.

User Rating: 3 | Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure GBA
I bought this game from a guy who was saling many games of GameBoy Advanced . You know, its an adventure based in a classic game and I wanna really play this game even after read the review in the

Well, I payed only 10$ for this game. It's not much money for a GBA game, but the game is pretty awful. The bosses is so difficult. I finish the game, just because I want to make my money worth a little. But is totally boring, after 10 minutes you want to throw the cartrige away. Futhermore, there is no music just the sound of the whisp and anothers beeps. It's impossible to rate it, because there is no any. Well, I thing everything have a good side, even Pitfall, the Mayan Adventure, so the graphics is nice. Very colorfull. But sometimes the excess of color turns the game difficults to play. The controls are far beyond good. In the bad way, unfortunally.

Last word? well, I dont recommend you to buy this game. Maybe rent if you are curious.
But maybe if you find the game in a garage sells, for a cheap price. In this case, maybe... maybe....