Though Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure has it's moments, it ultimately falls short.

User Rating: 6.5 | Pitfall: Mayan no Daibouken SNES
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure has got to be my biggest letdown in video game history. It's the Super Nintendo rendition of the game that started the whole platforming genre, so you'd expect the gaming experience of a lifetime. But that's not what you'll find here.

That's not to say The Mayan Adventure is a bad game, it just doesn't justify the lisence. The story revolves around are Pitfallin' hero from the previous two games and his son on an adventure in the Mayan jungle. Suddenly, a strange shadow grabs ol' pop and runs off with him. It's up to his son to save the day! But as soon as you start the first level, you notice something very off. Everything is incredibly dark. You can't really tell whats what, and in a platformer, that spells death. So many jumps can lead to doom, and sometimes badguys will kill you and you won't even know where they are. It's the serious fault of the game, and ruins the experience by alot.
But if you can get past that (or adjust the brightness on your TV) you'll find a great gaming experience here. The animations are amazingly well done, and the level design is incredible. The music is very moody, complete with chirps and yelps from animals found in your average Mayan jungle. Pitfall really does offer quite a challenge, but not in a good way. Your death's ussually feel cheap, and the game can get more frustrating then it is fun. But you really could have fun with Pitfall if your willing to look past all of these faults. And if you really just want to see some top notch animations and graphics, pick this one up, but you won't be promised a good time.