What bit of the game I played I was enjoying but I got a more upto date PC and for some reason now it just won't run;-(

User Rating: 8.5 | Pirates of the Caribbean PC
Yes I'm a bit upset that it won't run on what was my new Vista computer which also has more ram and a better graphics card than my old one that ran on XP. I've tried all sorts to get it to run, different compatibility modes, down loaded patches, tried suggestions from different forums, but nothing, seems to work. So I've just resigned myself to the fact, that like a lot of these old games, that it's just not compatible with new windows Vista or Windows 7. I you have an old PC running on XP or older, then it's worth giving it a go It's a cracking game and for it's time the graphics ar good to. I also believe this was the game that inspired the making of the film. I would have loved to have completed it, If any one does have any suggestions on possibilities why it might not run on newer computers or have any fixes or patches I'd be grateful for your help along with a lot of other disgruntled people.