On Going Master Peice

User Rating: 9.5 | Pirates of the Caribbean PC
The game when orriganly release was diffcult to new players and many blackscreen bugs feazing glitchs and all around screw ups were included but the effects keeps it going the online community is what drives this game as builds are being made constantly to improve game play add depth to the story and make it more realistic with each year the game is made all that much better by the guys and girls and piratesahoy making this buitie of a game truely an ongoing master peice but untill the bugs are all patched up those who are easilly frustrated might want to stay a way as saving is a constant must do to shut downs some of the more recent add ons include many ships a whole new interface that makes even just the loading screens dazzling, build a town not perfected though, added guns pluse a needed supply of ammo, and a whole new start up sequence allowing you to chose your starting ship nation look and difficulty.

ps sorry for miss spellings