You'd think that since it's the "Game of the movie", it'd actually have something TO DO with the movie!

User Rating: 4.5 | Pirates of the Caribbean XBOX
This game was a disappointment to me. The only parts that I had fun on were ship battles, You can't customize your character as much as it's description would LEAD you to believe, and it had NOTHING to do with the movie! I mean, it Had absolutely NO mention of Cpt. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, or Elizebeth Swan. the only mention to the movie, were a few zombie pirates, and the Black Pearl.

The only thing I liked about the game was sailing around in your bought/stolen Ship, and sinking other ships for their stuff, and even THAT got old. I did, however, like the graphics at sea, ESPESCIALLY at Dawn.

The game does have a good economic system. You can buy goods for cheap at one island, and sell them for more at a different island of your choice. Sinking ships for their loot and goods and selling them elsewhere was a good idea

But the glitches!!! UGH!!! If you EVER play this game, make sure you have at LEAST 3 saves, per game. The amount of "BAD SAVES" I've gotten, are WAY more than any other game I've EVER played (and I've played and beaten a LOT of games.) There are no auto-saves, so if all your saves become over-written or corrupted, it's to the BEGINNING of the game for you! (I lost LOTS of progress, AND, a beautiful ship that way). Also, don't buy a ship BEFORE you leave the first island, or else, it won't let you use your map, and then you're stuck on that particular island... FOREVER!!!!

Overall, I think you should Rent this game (at a low price) before actually buying it. For me, it just wasn't worth the amount of money I paid for it...