World's best RPG

User Rating: 9.5 | Pirates of the Caribbean PC
This is one of the best RPGs I ever played. In the beggining you are in a small British island and you have to do a few small tasks. When you leave french invade and you report to small island nearby.

The sailing system is just AMAZING!! You have to love this!! No pains with sails or cannons, now you can just sail away!(except if you don't pay your men or don't have food and rum for them they get a 'treacherous' morale and they might kill you)

Another great thing is the officers. You can buy them ships and they will follow you in sea battles. You can ALSO put them as bodyguards and give them weapons. They will be running around with you in no time! Shooting and chopping!

As for moving on islands, the game is just superb! No game of this kind has this system(such as Sid Meier's Pirates!). You can go in caves, kill bandits in the forest, plunder ships,conquer whole forts,merchant from island to island or do a quest, and much, much more!! Millions of quests! It has the right to be called the best RPG!! From merchanting a sword to someone from island to island to searching big scary caves. Also you can capture forts in islands and make much money which is hard, but fun. After you almost completely destroy the fort you invade it and cut down(or shoot) the soldiers like dogs. But t hen you'll have to return the island.

Just a few things of the abilities you have are listed above! It's just great!

One thing problemised me but I forgot about it really soon because I really liked the game! This game doesn't have any connection with the movie. Even Jack Sparrow doesn't show up!

Worth my time! Try it! You're gonna like it!

Only thing that is not Terribly good is sadly the graphics and the animation a bit.