A very disappointing game.

User Rating: 3.6 | Pirates of the Caribbean PC
I really wanted to like this game. I have been excited to have this game since it was first announced. I was really looking forward to a fun RPG experience looting, pillaging and burning. I was so pleased that the release of this game coincided with my birthday, so I was able to put it on my list of wishes. I specifically asked for this from my wife, in fact, and she was good enough to get it for me. God, I'm so sorry I asked for this poor, sorry excuse for a game.

On the plus side, the graphics are very nice, very smooth and colorful. The sound is good and appropriate, though I don't much care for the soundtrack. That's mostly an opinion thing, though, and for all that, the quality of the soundtrack is good, easily heard without overwhelming.

But the gameplay! Bugs galore, combined with poorly thought out control schemes and a manual that is notably poor even in this day and age of lousy game instructions make it near impossible for me to even get started in this game. The game constantly gets bogged down, stopping me cold on a scene, unable to leave the scene to continue the game. This is especially noticable when boarding other vessels. Once the boarding action is complete, I have been unable to find a way to leave the vessels, or loot the vessel and get back to sailing. And as I said, the manual is particularly terrible, very light on any specifics and giving almost no clue on how to actually DO anything. It tells you that you CAN do something, but doesn't describe HOW!

Add to all this that there is no official forum on either the Bethsoft or the Akella sites. And that the Bethsoft faqs, while the do address some gameplay issues, are hardly complete.

Like I said, I wanted to like this game. But I can't like a game when bugs keep me from playing it, and when the publisher and developer both seem to have no interest in providing the community with support.