pimp my ride the game suck!!!

User Rating: 3.5 | Pimp My Ride PS2
A first I thought pimp my ride wound be cool too play(just like the TV show).
But wean I played it, I was shocked. The graphics are not very good, you have to do the mission with a time limit, and further in the game you have less and less time to do everything on the map. You have to listen very good to the people in the game, too know there hobbies and everything else to know how to design there car.
Not everything about this game suck, just like in tv show, Xzibbet goes to the people and tells them that your going to pimp there ride.
You have to get money to pimp the car. You will get money wean you drive though the city and crash against another cars. You have to drive though the city and get to the paint shop and all the another shops to pimp the car but with the time limit you can't get to all the shops and that's a negative point about the game.