Reaches phenomenal technical prowess, basically the first game that uses a camera with a fully 3d moving path.

User Rating: 9.3 | Pilotwings SNES
As Pilot Wings stepped into the light of my life, I was skeptical at first, since my mom had just randomly purchased the title at will. To my surprise, I was witnessing one of the most original experiences that ever graced the SNES's packed library. Pilot Wings puts you into the seat of a guy trying to earn his licenses for Sky Diving, Flying, Hang Gliding, and even jet pack maneuvering. Through earning your licenses, you'll be given certain goals to achieve, but that's not where the game stops; you'll be judged on how well you perform these tasks, so even completing a task doesn't necessarily mean that you’re advancing to the next mission. So little things like a hard landing in hang gliding, or the crooked runway landing you had from an air plane mission could cost you the license and you'll have to keep trying some more. There are other cool twists the game throws you into also, like the helicopter missions where you’re asked to save hostages from an enemy base; very cool, unexpected, and fun. Pilot Wings will trick you later in the game, though I won't give it away in case any old schoolers still feel like picking up this challenging classic. The Presentation of Pilot Wings overall flashes with flare. The graphics are no joke here, this is probably the most immersive experience I've been through in a game, the amount of depth and speed you experience will feel down right awesome. Especially when your sailing hundreds upon hundreds of feet in the air, it'll really feel like you're that high up; or when your sky diving, it is pretty amazing considering your speed feels ridiculously fast the closer you get to your target. The music can get annoying after a while, but the sound effects are pretty well thought out, providing cool jet pack noises, explosions, crash sound effects, and little things like wind, and an airplane engine that you can tell how hard it’s working depending on your ascending and descending angles. Not only will the extreme difficulty turn some off, but though the atmosphere is amazing, up close, lots of the visuals look kind of pixilated, which doesn't matter most of the time, since you'll be flying high up in the sky for almost the whole mission of every mission; until you land that is. The music is quite corny most of the time, but these are all small prices to pay for the fun you'll have playing Pilot Wings. A must have for any old school gamer looking for an experience that has never been provided before (Not even by Pilot Wings 64). With the first totally 3d, free roaming world that a game had ever created, it still stands up as a great moment in video game history.