User Rating: 9.4 | Pilotwings SNES
Pilotwing's on the SNES was suppose to demonstrate the power of SNES, instead, it became a classic hit! Nintendo amazed its gamers when it showed off a new technology called the "mode 7", because nothing like that has ever seen on a video game machine. What mode 7 does is, it scales and rotates the other words, you can see the landscapes moving, or things getting bigger as you move closer to it! So, besides the graphic's engine, this is a great game. You can sky dive, fly a copter, and other unlockable options ( dont remember much, havent played this game in 10 years!). You can earn medals during your jumps, and you would need certain amount of them to unlock the next item in the game. The sound isnt much to brag about, because most of the game is about its awesome graphics. Pilotwings is a great pickup if you enjoyed the N64 version.