It's a good tech demo for the 3DS, but not as expansive and fresh as the original SNES version was on it's time.

User Rating: 7 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
Pilotwings was one of the games that I got mildly excited when the 3DS came out, didn't purchased the system for it, but I got it with my 3DS. The 3D works pretty well for this game, you can definitely see all the models popping out from the environment, but it's quite hard to play this game with the 3D on. Pilotwings is a great pick-up and play title, and it can be really fun to go over and over the same stage trying to get all the challenges right to get the three stars, but there's not much after that, and taking in consideration that there are also not many challenges to begin, it can be a hard title to recommend.

I played the original Pilotwings when I was a kid for my SNES, and I just loved it. it was innovative and it used some great 3D simulation for it's time. The fun part was that you played all similar missions that were pretty much a training for war if I can put it this way, so there was some sort of goal at the end, which the 3DS version didn't take advantage of. So take the game for what it is. A compilation of small mini-games based around planes, jetpacks, gliders etc. It can be really fun to play for a while, and it might be the right game if all you can devote is 10min here, 20min there and so on.

I have a soft spot for this franchise, but I believe this game would appeal to people trying the system for the first time, or for anybody who wants to play in short bursts. But it's very well put together and despite the low amount of content, it's a solid launch title for the 3DS.