Don't listen to the critics, Pilotwings Resort is one of the best 3DS games out right now and is well worth your money.

User Rating: 9.5 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
I got this game and Super Street Fighter IV 3D for my birthday for my new Cosmo Black 3DS. While SSFIV3D is slightly more fun, Pilotwings Resort is the way to go for casual gamers who want relaxation in their games.


.Stereoscopic 3D for the first time in the Pilotwings series

.First 3DS game with Mii characters

.Many Missions to accomplish flying tasks and get high scores and 3 star ratings

.Training, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond classes (just like the RIAA!)

.3 main types of flying vehicles as well as different modifications of each

.Free Flight Mode with cool unlockables and plenty to do and explore

When you first start up Pilotwings Resort, the game tells you to sign your name and all that crap. Then you go to the training levels, where it's easy to get 3 starts in each mission, required to unlock the next level. When you hit Bronze, things start to get challenging (and more importantly fun). Resort takes place on Wuhu Island, the same island form Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit (and Wii Fit Plus) The game's controls are fairly simple, and before you begin each, details are shown to you on how to control the vehicles.

Speaking of vehicles, you get an Airplane, Jetpack, and Hang Glider. The Airplane controls the easiest, because you automatically go in the air. Supplied with the airplane are ring challenges, shooting games, and stunts. The Jetpack is my personal favorite. It's slightly more difficult to control than the Airplane, but I love climbing up in the air, and the 3D effect is the best on this one. For this, you get launch pads, presents, and huge balloons. Finally, the Hang Glider. I love using this one as well. It's the most difficult to control, but using it is a blast. For this, you get gold rings, tornados to catch huge air, and the difficulty of staying in air! All use the 3D effect amazingly, and it also adds depth.

What makes Pilotwings Resort such a blast to play are the diverse missions. One involves diving down as a flying squirrel towards the island, and it's quite thrilling. The Hang gliding challenge with all the spiked balls is my favorite level because of the exileration you get from it! There's also one where you shoot balloons from a car, and it's addicting as hell. The controls for all vehicles are excellent, and the missions themselves are challenging but never overwhelming, as the main point for each is to get the highest score. Hell, you can even higher than a perfect score!!! Beating your high score is really fun and is what makes Pilotwings Resort great! Also, I love the time of day settings you can unlock, such as day (cool), evening (amazing sunset), and night (amazing!) The 3d setting is a little distracting, though, so you might want to turn that off.

If that wasn't enough, Nintendo also threw in a Free Flight Mode for people to explore the places they visited in Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit. I love visiting places such as the basketball court and swordplay arena, as they make me long to play the Wii games again (ah nostalgia)! But guess what? You get missions for each vehicle, and collecting info circles lets you know more about the island, and gets you cool statues of the island locales. Collecting and unlocking everything will keep you busy for a while and is really fun!

Graphically, Pilotwings Resort looks fantastic on the 3DS. The scenery and backgrounds are fun to explore and look at, and with 3D, it looks even better, although there are framerate drops occasionally. The relaxing soundtrack is also fantastic! Use the headphones!

Don't listen to the critics, Pilotwings Resort is one of the best 3DS games out right now and is well worth your money. I could've gone with a better framerate and a less distracting 3D setting, but for what it's worth, Pilotwings Resort will keep you...soaring (pun intended). If you have a 3DS, this is another treasure worth having.

Gameplay: 10/10: Excellent controls, great missions, and high scores. Nintendo at their finest

Graphics: 9/10: Excellent 3D use and beautiful scenery, but slight framerate issues (doesn't affect the gameplay)

Sound: 10/10: Fantastic music and sound effects. Is that one tune from Chrono Trigger?

Value: 10/10: You'll never get bored of getting your high score, and the free flight mode will keep you coming back to explore the island, even if you've unlocked everything! Critics, I don't give a crap if this game's "too short", I love Pilotwings Resort!