Yes it's grossly overvalued, but given how much shovel ware makes up the 3DS library it's unmistakably play worthy.

User Rating: 7 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
Back in the day Pilotwings received much praise for its fun yet accessible flying simulation. However to much fan despair the series fell off the radar with Nintendo continuously teasing future instalments that ultimately never materialised. Of course all of this changes with the recently released Pilotwings Resort on the Nintendo 3DS. Which captures everything you know and love about Pilotwings. But unfortunately only offers three hours of content for hungry fans.

Resort will see players take control of multiple vehicles across forty or so missions. Every vehicle is based upon one of the three following class types: airplane, hang glider and rocket belt. The apparent characteristics of each class type work well in keeping the gameplay refreshing in conjunction with the various mission objectives. Which include flying through rings, taking photos and even escorting a UFO. In other words this is a game that never becomes boring.

But the icing on the caking is the simple yet intuitive controls that allow anyone to easily grasp the flow of the game. In terms of presentation it's a rather simple looking game, although you can't complain with the beautiful scenery that is complimented by relaxing music. As for the 3D effect, it manages to add a noticeable amount of depth to the visuals that is unseen in other 3DS games.

Sadly this amazing game comes to a close far too quickly with the completion of every mission only taking three hours. Meaning the only things left to do is go back through the missions and earn the highest rating possible for each one or search for collectables in the Free Flight mode. Still this isn't enough content or replay value to justify the full price point, especially when the game's location "Wuhu Island" has been used before in other Nintendo produced games.

If you're in dire need of a game to play on your new 3DS, Resort is not a bad showcase. Yes it's grossly overvalued, but given how much shovel ware makes up the 3DS library it's unmistakably play worthy.

RATING – 7/10

+ Simple and intutive controls.
+ Beautiful landscapes and relaxing music.
+ A high degree of mission and vehicle variation.
+ Excellence usage of 3D effect adds depth.
- Only three hours of content.
- Recycled scenary.