Pilotwings Resort, may have some great gameplay and some flashy 3D effects, yet it is brought down by a lack of content.

User Rating: 6 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
The original Pilotwings are considered to be one of the best for their consoles, offering freedom and challenging tasks at hand to complete, which are quite a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the latest game in the series, is disappointing.

Pilotwings Resort get all the basics right, great graphics with a deep 3D effect, Solid gameplay, and no technical issues. There are quite few challenges to complete (But no where near enough) which are fun and varied, and the ability to use a few different types of aircraft is nice.

But, Pilotwings Resort suffers from a lack of content, and can be easily be finished around 3 and a half hours. Plus the free flight mode, is only limited to 2 minutes per session, which is annoying as Wu-hu island looks like a great place to explore, and could, to be honest, easily spend 1 hour+ just enjoying flying and exploring, yet you are limited.

All in all, Pilotwings is fun for a good while, but don't expect it too last too long. it would be a great Bargain Bin pick up though :)

The Good:
Very nice to look at at with great 3D effect
Controls well
Varied Missions
Fairly Challenging
Wu-hu Island has lots of different landmarks that are interesting to explore

The Bad:
Nowhere near enough content
Free Flight mode is limited to 2 minutes per sessions
Even more variation would be better (Dogfighting perhaps?)