Pilotwings Resort is the 3rd entry in the Pilowings Francise. But it hasn't lived up to the expectations of many players

User Rating: 7.5 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
Pilotwings Resort is the 3rd entry in the Pilowings Francise, after a long wait that is. But it hasn't lived up to the expectations of many players. The game has 2 modes, Mission mode and Free flight mode. Mission mode is when you have to do a certain amount of tasks like, land on fuel pads or just glide through speed panels or even rings. There are 5 classes excluding the Diamond class upon which you have to unlock with getting 3 stars on every mission. Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold and, Platinum. A normal gamer could just get through all these missions in under 2 hours. But if your the type of gamer who wants to get 3 stars on every mission you could complete it in under 10 hours. There will be alot of replay value for you then. Nintendo decided to base the game on Wuu Huu Island. Some gamers might see it as a problem because they played on this island on Wii Sports Resort. Free flight mode has you to fly over the island in search for special items like, information points, stunt rings, mii trophies, gold rings and white balloons. The problem here is that some players already did all this stuff and would find it a problem to do it all again. The controls are just right in this game and are easy to use no matter what. Pilotwings resort didn't have much vechiles of choice but instead gave upgraded versions of the standard aircraft, like a plane to a turbo jet, rocket belt to a super rocket belt or even a handglider to a pedal glider. Not much choice. The graffics in this game are really good because of its bright colourful atmosphere. It is the same graffics than of Wii Sports resort. This game is good in many ways but it has its bad in many visable ways. If your a pilotwings fan get this game, but if your looking for a long lasting game, this isn't it. This game has so much potential.