My first game for my 3DS. Good, challenging, and quite fun.

User Rating: 8 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
PilotWings resort is one of the funner games that I've played. It is a mission game, in the sense that no plot is required, but also has a free roam mode. The Vehicles are The Plane, The Rocket belt (jet pack with a fancy name), and Hang Glider. All of the vehicles have a more advanced form, as well as the Wing Suit, which is a form of the Rocket Belt, but only being used in one mission. It doesn't take too long to get all the missions, a few hours or so, but it takes much longer to master said missions. My personal favorite is the Hang Glider, although both the Rocket Belt and plane are both loads of fun. Overall, shout, but very fun if you are into mission games.

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