Pilotwings Resort is a generally fun game but with little content Nintendo is hoping you love getting all those stars.

User Rating: 7.5 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
Pilotwings Resort is a game that looks fairly easy which it is. There are increasingly more difficult levels each with less than 10 challenges. The total of levels isn't very much so if you like getting top grade in the levels there is more of a chance you will feel that your money was well spent. On the other hand if you don't care about collecting all the stars there's really not that much game as the levels are simple to beat the only difficulty is collecting all the stars which is actually quite tough to be honest. It's a hard buy especially for its pricey cost if you don't like collecting the stars. This game is still good thought with a variety of levels and a free exploration mode this game can waste hours of time whether your on the bus or sitting home.

Free exploration mode is a mode where you collect info., and other objects by flying past them this is ok but there really isn't much to do other than explore. This part is more of the relaxing part of the game since not being able to get 3 stars on a level after over 15 attempts can get frustrating.

Pilotwings Resort is one of the most impressive launch titles in my opinion and is a great buy if like an angry birds type collecting system along with flight sim. The 3D is good and gives an extra sense of depth but slight movement canmake you see double making you miss a ring or ballon which can be annoying.

Pilotwings Resort is a good game and that's why is gets a 7.5/10