Shows off the amazing 3D-effect of the system, while offering light challenges that might fail to capture the hardcore.

User Rating: 8 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
I picket this up at a release event at 00:01, and have played it quite extensively since then.

The game offers a flying experience unlike any a handheld could before due to the 3D-effect. I've found myself putting the 3D-slider high, sometimes at max, and focusing on the landscape. At this depth. your eyes need to refocus to switch between you craft and the game world, but it greatly enhances the sense of depth in the world, to the extent that it provides a remarkable experience.

Flying around Wuhu island is nice, and the challenges to complete in the game are lightweight. They get harder in later classes, but all in all the game lacks somewhat is content, especially multiplayer. One gets a sense of a game that was made to be a release game, and had a sharp deadline that limited what they could put in.

That said, the game is tons of fun, and a fantastic way to see what the 3DS can do. I'd recommend picking it up simply for this reason. You have played Nintedogs and Street Fighter elsewhere - this is something else, and a treat for your new system that gives a glimpse at the future it might hold (and the future of 3D gaming, and how great it can be).

Also, do yourself a favor and try pushing the 3D slider all the way up with this one. Focus on the landscape, and not your craft.