If this game had more content and more freedom, it could have been great... and worth your money.

User Rating: 5 | Pilotwings Resort 3DS
The reason I purchased this game was simply because there were no games on the 3DS where you can play as your Mii (save Mario Kart 7and Nintendogs). Sure, there's 'Find Mii' in the Mii Plaza, but you don't even play as your Mii in that 'game'. Instead, you have to save your cartoon persona, (which isn't that amazing, let me tell you) and so the only solution I could think of was to buy Pilot Wings Resort. Of course, this brings to mind the pricing of this game and if it's really worth the $40 (I got this game for free btw). I personally don't think this game is worth more than $10. To be honest, Pilot Wings Resort feels more like an overpriced mini game that should have been bundled with the 3DS upon launch. Why? Here's one reason; the Wii came with FOUR Mii games called Wii Sports. Why the 3DS didn't come with Pilot Wings Resort or some other Mii related game is beyond me. But Nintendo realized their mistakes with the 3DS's launch and will hopefully avoid a similar mistake in the future. But back to the game: In Pilot Wings Resort, you pick a Mii character you wish to play with and you set off to take on missions in Wuhu Island's Flight Club... thing. Anyway, once you sign up, you fly through missions that are very easy at first, but gradually get a tad bit harder with higher class levels, like Silver, Gold, and Platinum. There are 6 different aircraft to choose from with 3 main types. There's the Hang glider (also the Pedal glider), the Plane (also the Jet), and the Rocket Belt (also the Super Rocket Belt). All the aircraft are fun to operate and it's very relaxing to fly around the Island collecting hidden trophies and popping balloons, all of which benefit you in some way or another. In Free Flight mode, you can unlock three different times of day to fly in, (day, evening, and night) and each setting has it's own unique sights and sounds. (If you turn off the music in 'options' and choose to fly at night, then you can hear the wind very distinctly and even hear crickets when flying low over the trees. Very peaceful) The replay value in this game is kind of in the middle: you can go back and try to find all of the collectables or try and get a higher ranking score in Mission mode, but there's really nothing more to do after that. If Nintendo made it so you could actually control your Mii on the ground and explore Wuhu Island THAT way, I think this game could have been a bigger hit. Heck, the game should have been a sandbox themed game where your Mii could pretty much do anything they wanted on the Island. You want to join that group of Miis over at that campfire and swap your tennis racket for that guy's bow and arrows? Go ahead. You want to buy a chicken pool floaty at the tourist shop and go play with it in the pool or ocean? Go ahead. You want to stop a thief in the town from stealing a bicycle by chasing after him on a scooter? Go ahead. See where I'm going with this? Anyway, the point is, Pilot Wings Resort is like a mini game you would find in Wii Sports Resort but with a little bit more stuff to do. If you can get it for under $10, I would suggest giving it a try. But if you want a deeper experience with your Mii character(s) I would suggest getting Mario Kart 7. At least with that game you can play online.