Pilot wings 64 a great game but insanely hard flying the hand glider in small tight areas.

User Rating: 8.5 | Pilotwings 64 N64
Pilot wings 64 was very enjoying to the kind heart, but hand gliding through the skies and looking for winds can be a mighty pain. Pilot wings 64 had some enjoying landscape that had you gasping sometimes, but only on the levels, like on the Tropical Island or giant USA landscape area. Each mission or target given to you the game can be harsh at times, like flying around tight corner or going under a small bridge, to go through a checkpoint. The helicopter you fly with in the game can be really a hassle because it has a fuel limit and if you run out you fail and explode your ride. Each levels or missions that you get high markings on you unlock more stages along the way. In some certain levels there are hidden areas which have floating stars which lead to different areas, which have their own mini missions detailed in it. Once you get insanely good at the game and get allot of good marks you unlock some very good vehicles which have more missions with them, like moon shoes and cannon practice. The moon shots are very good to play with, you jump up and come right back down. Originally Pilot wings 64 was a military training game which helped United States armed forces train for actually flying these vehicles. There are some changes in the USA land level that will make you laugh like Mario head on Mount Rushmore and ogopogo in that lake or river area.

Overall Pilot wings 64 are a thrill ride which may get your heart beating.