User Rating: 8.5 | Pilotwings 64 N64
PW 64 was designed to demonstrate the power of the once-mighty N64 to the general public; but at the end, Paradigm and Nintendo was able to make a great game out of this "demo". PW64 is a simulator, yes, most of the objects in the game are not possible, but beleive me, its sim! First reason, is the physics of this game; the hanglider feels a lot like it would in real life, especialy with the help of N64's analog joystick. Second reason, the weather. Weather affects the whole game, because its almost impossible to avoid the true nature of a high pressure system (you'd know what i am talking about if you played this game). The player also has the ability to unlock extra modes such as bunny shoes (pretty much lets you jump around the whole city) to explore the town/nation. Graphics in this game are just nice to look at; because scaling in this game is the first of its kind for the time and things look lot more detailed when looking up close (just like in real life). Environments are really huge, you just wont notice it until you get close.