If you liked Superman 64, you'll love Pilotwings.

User Rating: 6.9 | Pilotwings 64 N64
Especially if you liked the levels of Superman64 where you flew threw those god forsaken RINGS, because that's pretty much what this entire game consists of...flying through rings. BUT, admittedly this game does somehow manage to pull it off a million times better than Superman 64.

Pilotwings was awesome in it's time, because it used the analog stick unlike any other game on the market. But since it almost solely relied on technology that was new then and not new now, it's just not that fun to play in 2007, other than for an hour or two of quick fun. It does have other strong points. The graphics, for one, are acceptable even now. And the gameplay and physics are good. But that's it. There is NO plot, not even a lame one, there's just nothing. You just fly things. Through rings. And if you pass, you get to fly through more difficult rings. You can fly a few different things, such as a hangglider, a jetpack, and a small plane type vehicle, and a few bonus items too. But once you fly each of these a couple times, and have fun kamikazeing a couple times, the fun's pretty much over. If you can get this game for a couple bucks, get it. But if you don't get this game, don't feel like you're missing out because of the high Gamespot score.