If you like Rpg, go get it.

User Rating: 9 | Pillars of Eternity PC
I would give this game 10. But since I think you have to be a big Rpg fan to enjoy it truly. It gets a score of 9. I really like this trip back to the old way of making an Rpg. It feels great. But I am a veteran of the old games Baldurs gate and such. So to a young gamer, they might dislike this step back. Both in terms of having to read a lot and also the way the graphics look. But I really really like it. Its exciting. Most quests are exciting. Still some feel like a chore. But I'm 40+ hours in and a lot of the time I have a hard time choosing which quest to pursue first, cause I'm eager to know what happens. been some time since I felt that way. I feel there I a small lag of character description. Fx. I would like to know what attack speed my champions have. But this I cannot find A number on. I've heard about bugs. But I haven't encountered any myself. I would say. If u like Rpg and you are an old gamer. Hurry up and get it. If you are young, this game might be a little too thick for your taste. BTW I got it for 22 euro. Which is crazy low price for value imo.