A breath of nostalgic air...

User Rating: 8 | Pillars of Eternity PC

Pillars of Eternity tries to emulate the old Infinity Engine formula and it excells at that. In a market full of "next gen" this and "next gen"that, Pillars of Eternity takes us to a simpler time.

The game itself in very interesting giving the player a ton of different options to live this great tale. Those options not only vary depending on the decisions taken but on the player's character itself. Atributes, all of them, help drive the story in every turn. The game breathes nostalgia every second, from the exploring, to combat, to the very well played "cinematics" which are smartly display as a choose your one adventure story book (one of my personal favorite features).

My only gripes are that the writing in some parts, looks simple comparing it with most parts of the game. The most noticible for me was in the first "tutorial" map, where the player presents him/herself with the first companion some of the motives of his/her travels sound as simple as "i am here to meet someone and fall in love" (or something like that) it felt kind of corny and i lost immersion. The same could have been met with a simple "I'm here to settle down". By no means this is bad, and i know i am nitpicking but the writing is superb in most parts, so when options that look like written by a 10 year old appear it's a pitty and the contrast is just too big. The good thing is that i have only found VERY few of them, so it's not a big deal. The other problem is combat. Even though there are many options, and abilities one can use, it doesn't feel that tactical, ironically. The enemies rush the players or stand shooting arrows/spells and that basically means click different abilities until every enemy is down. Somehow it feels that a turn based combat would have been a better choice for the visuals and engine, even though it would have depart from the original concept.

Overall, the game is great. It has tons of hours of adventure and i fully recommend to live this experience. This game truly shows what a group of passionate people can achieve when backed by the right fans. Congratuations to the team and community for creating a game that feels like a classic on it's own.