User Rating: 10 | Pillars of Eternity PC

If you enjoyed any of the Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Torment games, then GO GET THIS GAME NOW! The game is just simply perfect. The difficulty level is still there, the rewarding feeling after each enemy falls, the loot, the classic 6 man party (Plus animal if you pick a ranger, which I recommend). It feels like 1999 all over again but with better graphics.

Ok on to the review I guess:

Graphics: Pretty damn good! All the monsters/people are nicely rendered and have fluid animations. Spell effects are very nice. Environments are mind blowingly detailed, the dungeons and forests are just terrific.

Gameplay: Solid strategic pause-action-unpause system like we expected.

Sound: Music is great, plenty of good voice acting that negates much of the reading (personally I dont mind reading but its nice not to have to), Monster sounds are realistic and what youd expect a dragon or goblin to sound like.

The classic gameplay is all here, the dice rolls, the classes, the stat system. Its all been tweaked since 15 years ago, which is welcome. When your characters get hit, they get fatigued instead of dying. If a character falls in battle, once your party kills the badguys in the immediate area, they are revived automatically with a penalty to their fatigue. Camping remedies this but you are limited to 6 camp sets unless you want to constantly return to town. This is just fine to me. It was such a hassle to constantly have to revive at the temples if your guys died in the old games. Your party tends to hit the enemies more often now, which is great instead of always whiffing (lookin at you BG2). The fighting is a bit more forgiving now as well. You cant pre-prep the party before running into baddies though as some skills like shield spells are only usable in combat so that's a cool change. I am about 15 hours in and I am addicted to the game. Seriously Ive waited 15 years for a new iso rpg like this. Divinity didnt do it for me, its good but ehhh it was lacking something I couldnt pinpoint.

If you like IsoRPGs from back in the Black Isle days, get this game it is worth every penny!