The sequel to one of the best games on the Game Cube is in itself one of the best games on the cube.

User Rating: 9.3 | Pikmin 2 GC
The game plays a lot like the first. The controls are the same with the exception of switching between captains which ads some different puzzles and obstacles that can only be solved with crafty teamwork. In addition there are also two new types of Pikmin in this game, which also add another layer of uniqueness and challenge. Another enhancement to this game is that you are not just getting objects from the surface your also required to go into multi level caves where you only have the Pikmin you bring in and for the most part you can’t get anymore until you leave the cave. This is a whole new element of challenge and strategy that makes the game fresh and different. You’ll see a wide variety of enemies and bosses with diverse weaknesses to attack. The only nit pick that I can come up with for the way the game is played and this is a ridiculously small issue if it can indeed be called as such. The camera, which you do have full control over, can very rarely be slightly hard to move into the correct position and can be very slightly frustrating in tense situations, but this is very much not a problem 99.9% of the time.

Much like the previous game, Pikmin 2 looks amazing. The environments look so realistic and authentic and the character models and every little aspect of the game that just looks great. There isn’t probably any improvement from the first game, but if you’ve seen the game you’ll know it doesn’t need it. Plus the question could be asked it the Game Cube could possible power anything better. You’re looking at countless enemies, two captains, one hundred Pikmin, and all sorts of activity in beautiful environments; I don’t know how the Cube can power all this to begin with. Also featured is diverse and appropriate background music that really works in all the different situations your in. Not to mention all the incredible sound effects from the Pikmin humming little tunes to the sounds battle and everything in-between. To cap it all off, you’d think a game with this level of detail couldn’t possible be that long but you’d be very wrong. To beat the first part of the game and story it takes twelve hours, to collect everything and complete the second part of the story it takes a total of 28-30 hours total. After this you unlock a lengthy challenge mode and you also have two-player battle mode for even more hours of fun. Lastly there are a few unlock able bonuses in the bonus menu for the die-hard fans totally a hell of a lot a playing time.

Overall, this is an excellent addition to the series and hopefully won’t be the last, but with that Wii controller god only knows. The game is well done top to bottom and has a nice little story to tie things together. Definitely enough changes to the game that it doesn’t feel like more missions for the original Pikmin, and definitely brings some new, fun, and challenging aspects to the series. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone because it’s fun, challenging, unique, and comical. Definitely a must have fan any Cube owners and another reason for non-Cube people to grab the system.