Not nearly as good as the first game, but still makes the cut.

User Rating: 7.7 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
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This is not the first game in the Phoenix Wright series. I played it first because I could not find the original, but I have played the original and so the improvements category is still in effect.

Game Genre: Adventure

The game has anime graphics, which makes sense because the game comes from Japan. Background graphics are drawn up fairly well, reminiscent of an old text adventure game.

Simple Nintendo DS gameplay. The whole game is run on the touch screen, clicking the forward button or presenting evidence to the court. The court record contains all the evidence and profiles that you have gathered and can be used to locate contradictions in witness testimonies. There are 4 episodes that can be played in all, and each one is progressively longer than the next.

Everything is done on the touch screen, as I said earlier. If you don’t like the touch screen, however, the “A” button can be used to progress in the story and the “L” or “R” buttons can access the court record. Also, holding the “Y” button at certain points in the game will allow you to yell either “Hold it!”, “Objection!” or “Take That!” into the DS’s microphone, triggering Phoenix’s yell.

This game has an awesome story that I will not ruin. You are still Phoenix Wright, attorney at law. You defend the weak, steal from the rich, give to the poor, whatever it is that attorney’s do. Anything else I say will take away from the story and I hate spoilers. I will stop here.

Wow. Get ready for this. The first improvement….you can now present people’s profiles as well as evidence to the judge…the second improvement…the little “evidence” or “profiles” icon in the top right corner of the screen is now smaller. The game’s only significant improvement is the new “Psyche-lock” feature that allows Phoenix to see through people’s lies and uncover their secrets.

The game lasts a long time because of the four court cases that you can take part in. The last one, especially, took me about two weeks of playing off and on. The only bad thing is that once you beat the game, you beat the game. There is nothing else to possibly do. Frustration Rate:
Very low. The only time I got frustrated was when I knew how to corner the witness into a trap and the game wouldn’t let me because I had to progress along with it. The game uses foreshadowing in every corner and in some cases, shows you (the player) who the murderer is. Because of this, sometimes Phoenix is lagging behind you and it can make you a little impatient.