Phoenix Wright is back again in a solid, albeit unambitious sequel!

User Rating: 8 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
The Good: More court action; same great interface; new "psyche-lock" feature is fun; fantastic writing with only a few errors; great new characters.

The Bad: No major differences from the first game; only four cases, none of which are DS-exclusive; gameplay often involves guessing, and is sometimes unforgiving.

The original Phoenix Wright was a great DS game that had a very unique premise and great writing and value. Its sequel, which was a fairly long time coming considering it's just a translation of a Japanese GBA game, will not disappoint fans of the original, though it really doesn't do anything new.

Just like the original, you're cast as Phoenix Wright, and you're expected to prove your defendant not guilty of whatever heinous murder was committed. There's nothing new to the premise, but Justice for All builds well upon the story of the original. In fact, it's arguably superior in story telling to the first game. However, this time around there's only four cases, and none of them use the unique features of the DS beyond yelling "Hold It!" and "Objection!" into the microphone. It's sad, really, because the fifth case in the last game was really great, and there was over a year in potential development time for this game, so it certainly could have been done.

If you're hankering for more of the same kind of courtroom action of the original Phoenix Wright game, you'll get your fill here. If you don't like Phoenix Wright, it goes without saying...well, it goes without saying. Ha! All kidding aside, this is still a great game, if a tad unambitious.