Justice for All didn't get all the special DS treatment like the original, but it's still a very enjoyable title.

User Rating: 8.1 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
THE GOOD: Interesting and mysterious cases. Quirky dialogue. The Judge is much more likable.

THE BAD: Practically a direct port of the GBA title with no extras or compelling DS functionality. Recycled graphics and sounds.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All delivers an intriguing story with a lot of enjoyable legal nonsense.

GAMEPLAY is good. Once again, Phoenix Wright must the find evidence and contradictions to defend his clients. The mechanics are virtually the same as the first installment--minus a lot of the Nintendo DS exclusive features. Phoenix will still be searching areas for clues and questioning witnesses, but a lot of neat things like rotating items, viewing videotapes, and spraying chemicals for traces of blood or fingerprints are all gone. About the only thing different is the new Psyche Lock system, however, at the heart of Justice for All is a smart story that will keep you in the dark until the very end.

GRAPHICS are decent. All in all the game looks the same as the original. The nicely drawn anime style characters still retain all thier charm and they animate well on top of still background images. Unfortunately, there is no 3D whatsoever.

SOUND is great. Even though it isn't anything new, it's still upbeat and refreshing. The score changes depending on what's going on, giving an exciting adventure, but It would have been nice if more voice samples were given (besides Objection, Hold it, and Take that!).

Value is excellent. Justice for All will take anywhere from 25-30 hours to complete. The first case does a good job explaining the mechanics and the later cases will certainly take awhile to complete. Since it's very linear, there will be times where the player won't know what to do next.

OVERALL Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All is a solid port of a great game. Although it is disappointing it didn't get all the special treatment as the original, that doesn't stop it from being a very enjoyable DS title. Justice for All is easily recommendable to any fans of the series, but new comers should definitely play the first before hand, to get the whole experience.