Hold it! This game is made of epic win!

User Rating: 10 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
Anybody who knows the name "Phoenix Wright" is instantly reminded of the game's storyline and gameplay. You'll start talking about it and make jokes all the while. While the game is short in some aspects, it is also challenge. It's adaption to the DS with microphone is especially awesome, expanding the pleasure of shouting objections whilst sitting on a bus next to a drunkard.

Among other detective and courtroom games, Phoenix Wright has me hooked. I love the story line and the adaptation of the characters. Mr. Wright is fantastic character with wit.
I especially enjoyed this second enstallment. more challenges and a different game play setup awaited, and taking on the cleverest of crooks reminded me when to shout objections, and when to pass on a trap for an overuling.
One can't help but shout boldly with Phoenix on his quest to become a successful defense Attorney in the Game, with the help of his faithful assistant medium, Maya Fey.