Like other PW games, it's amazing!

User Rating: 10 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
So I've been a phoenix Wright player for a long time and every game is enjoyable(as always).
the storyline is epic and will keep you playing, I had some difficulties so I had to look at walkthroughs(this counts if you are not very logical in thinking)
But so far It kept me playing for days.
The soundtrack is also nice because there are different kinds of music that will play as you further the story.
The new characters are also very interesting because it will boggle your minds into playing this marvelous Capcom DS game
The end part makes you curious.
Btw, the first part is suspense because Phoenix Wright will lose his memory, Will it be temporary or not? Those questions
SO if you're a PW fan, DONT miss this game! And for people who havent played it, Play Apollo Justice and You'll be amazed :)