"Hold it" I have something important to say. Indeed what a game.

User Rating: 8 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
Alright so here I am playing my second Phoenix Wright game, Justice for all. Firstly, I must state that I played for about 4 hours every night till I managed to FINALLY finish it. The last case got me.

At first, the cases honestly didn't surprise me at all. I guessed the murder; the motive, the loops and ends. But for some reason, the last case was extremely hard. I actually had to refer to a guide once in this last case. A little more on the last case is that the verdict and everything seems a lot different from the previous three... But interesting nonetheless. It's what pushed the score up to an 8.

This game lacked all special features of the last case in "Ace Attorney" and the characters weren't as appealing; specially that Ini girl... her speech was tedious. I wanted to just switch off my DS. Good lord. Von Karma was probably the only interesting new character to appear. I enjoyed specially when she cried. Wow. Amazing. Shelly De Killer wasn't a bad character either. Edgeworth is still as lovable as ever... I also have see Gumshoe in a different way. So let's sum it all up. Great last case, first three rather boring... murder gets old... Linear, quite hard to figure out some of the testimonies-much harder than the first I admit. Funny how you get stuck without showing a specific object to a specific person. Get it if you're a huge fan of this series; get the first one if its you're first time playing.

-Side note: Zimbabwe?! WTF. Play the game and you'll see at the end.