Still an amusing game, but dosen't leave the WOW! made from its predecesor

User Rating: 9 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
I love the Ace Attorney games, but to tell the truth, this was the thrid game i played in the series, because i played Apollo justice before this one, and now i am playing the third one. And as much this game still very good, the cases aren't as interesting.

The art style still great, but i dont really like the brigther art work in this game.4/5

The music, once again is outstanding, and i think is better than the previous game.5.5/5

The game is half point n click and half court simulator. The game has four cases, and there are no especific made for the DS, unlike the previous game. While it is dispointing, the cases there are in are very good. BUT... they arent as good, because they arent as hooking and (personal opinion) the third one is kinda dumb. As much i am complaining, it still is very fun to play. The last case specifically is amazing, because the story is so great and well made. The new characters are very good too, such as Franziska and Pearl. The controls are the same as its predecesor, and they are very well made. 4.5/5

It still a great game, but it isn as good as its predecesor, but it sure is worth buying.