Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All is a follow-up to one of the best DS games available. Does it hold up?

User Rating: 9 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All is a sequel to the original Ace Attorney game. It features Phoenix as a defense attorney once again and has 4 lengthy cases. The core gameplay remains the same pretty much with 'courtroom' and 'investigation' modes, while adding new elements to the mix like the magatama. The magatama allows you to see when someone is lying. Locks will appear and you will have to unlock them to uncover the truth. Unlocking the locks can go from being simple to hard, requiring evidence and a general understanding of whatever is happening in the case. The four cases are crafted brilliantly and in cases four and five especially the twists and turns will have you hooked. Like the first game the graphics are top notch for this genre. The sprites are animated wonderfully and i couldn't ask for anything better. New to the game is some new music tracks. These are very suiting to the game and don't hinder anyting. The arguably most important part of a game other than gameplay is replay value. If you are like me and find any of these cases enjoyable you will find yourself replaying them over and over adding hours to your playtime. In the end Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All is a worthy follower to the original adding some improvements while keeping the formula that we've grown to love. I'd recommend it to anyone and I suggest that you head out and find a copy immediately.