Great game very similar to the first game but thats not a bad thing!

User Rating: 9 | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All DS
Phoenix Wright 2 is a great game where you are a lawyer who has to defend his clients to ensure they get there correct verdit of NOT GUILTY! Firstly the story line is brilliant which just makes you want to carry on playing and can be very addictive, there is also a great twist in the end you you do the correct ending as there is an alternative ending if you dont do the right thing!

This is very similar to the first game but this is not a bad thing as the first game was brilliant, the only differance is now you have a new feature which is the pysche locks where you can tell if someone is hiding the truth so you have to get the truth out of them, but they have dropped the blood tracing etc from the first game which i think was a bad idea,

Overall the game is still great with brillant anime and great colour with great characters and a brilliant story line,